Reviews us:
Emily Conant
I had just finished with my deluxe spa pedicure and it felt amazing!! I had been on my feet all day and this was a great way to end the day. They really do a good job getting the tension in your calves and feet to disappear plus they also do a good removing calluses. My feet were looking like gross hobbit feet going in but going out they looked liked I've never walked in them. Soft, and beautiful. They really do a good job here. If you get a chance to check them out, DO IT!! :)
stephanie matiela
One of the best pedicures I have ever gotten. Clean. Private waxing area. Was very impressed- only downfall, they do your mani/pedi separately, so you have to more than an hour of time.
The employees are so friendly and they will go all out for you. I can't say enough good things about the staff and service.
Neuftearia Starks-Bey
Just left this nail salon and was very impressed. The layout is very typical, however, the customer care and service is what makes it wonderful. Pricing is fair and the salon is very clean and neat. My nail tech was Linda and she took exceptional care of my nails and thoroughly listened to m concerns; I have very soft cuticles and hands and have been cut many times before by different techs in different salons. I left with a full gel set and had only 1 minor issue which Linda took care of immediately. I will definitely be back for my fill-in and plan to make this my permanent nail salon. It's in a very convenient location with free parking which is always a plus!
Adela Flower
Excellent. It has been a week and my nails still look freshly painted. Lots of people have stopped me on the street complimenting me on my manicure, and several people even think my regular manicure is a gel manicure. Great sign that it's good quality! It was also a very relaxing experience, with a great warm lotion massage, and the water for the pedicure had a calming floral scent. The owner is a true perfectionist and made sure my nails were done just right and next time I need a mani in SF, I'm definitely going here.
I had a nail & eyebrow service there & it was great. Friendly staff, price is right, the lady who did my brows is great too. Very happy.
Natalie F.
Arlington, VA
this is my go to place. i've experimented with many different nail salons, but i always come back to this place. they don't overcharge or try to upsell you -- i hate that, who doesn't? -- and they really take their time and put in effort into your nails. definitely my favorite place of all time.
Ali M.
Arlington, VA
Best spot to do your nails! The staff all was friendly and they know what you want done. They never mess up.
A K.
Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, CA
They do a good job with gel manicures. It usually lasts for 2 and a half weeks. At $35 the gel manicures are about the same price as I've found elsewhere nearby. I have always been able to get a manicure as a walk in without having to wait.
Bring cash for tip!
Sharese O.
Springfield, VA
Really friendly and they do a great job! I always get a basic pedicure or french pedi and they're always awesome
Donna B.
Arlington, VA
I've been going to HN for years now! The shop has evolved over the years as the business has grown. The overall shop is clean and equipment is sterilized before each use.
There is a HUGE number of gel polishes to choose from. In fact, there are so many it can make choosing just one or two a real challenge.
Prices are very reasonable - especially if you try comparing to other salons.
Rarely have to wait, but if you are in a time crunch, call and make an appointment.
Brittany A.
Minneapolis, MN
Best quality affordable pedicure I've had. $28 for a basic pedicure (including callous removal). Very accommodating for 4 pedicures and the massage chairs are
Great customer service, welcoming for men also
Lauren H.
Dunkirk, MD
Tried SNS with Yen as my nail tech. SNS is amazing, definitely going to keep getting it (only need to get nails done every three weeks now!!) And Yen is amazing, she gave me the best manicure I've ever had.
Megan F.
McLean, VA
I have been going to Hollywood nails for over 10 years now. I have tried out several other salons out of convenience to my schedule, but always love Hollywood nails. Their pedicures are amazing, with extra massage time,. I highly recommend the spa pedicure that gives extra massage minutes as well as a foot scrub. I recently changed from getting acrylic nails to their new product, SNS nails, which is phenomenal. It last for 2 weeks without chipping and stays shiny the whole time. I have several friends that have also been going here for years. They also have a second salon right down the street that is also great
Janeen L.
Arlington, VA
I've been going to Hollywood Nails consistently for almost 10 years. The owner, Yen, is wonderful. She is dedicated to keeping a clean salon. They have liners in the pedi tubs for each use and all tools come out of the sanitizer in sealed packages. They are often very busy and Yen works to serve everyone. I recommend the spa pedicure - foot scrub, foot mask, callus remover, extra massage time and a parrafin dip. All of their pedis include the parrafin. As for manis - I was a gel regular but have switched to SNS. It is much lighter and feels more natural. Shine stays for easily 2 weeks. I also bring my daughter to Hollywood. They treat her like a princess. Always gentle, and take their time doing nail designs for her (holiday themes, vacation themes, whatever she asks). As with any salon, knowing the right person to ask for is key. So- the best tip I can give you is to ask for Yen or Nina. One more thing - if you buy a gift cert of $100 you get $110. Enjoy.
Katie F.
Arlington, VA
I came here today and loved it. Very clean and very quick service even though they seemed to be a little busy- but my nails look great!
Tina C.
Arlington, VA
Just found my new spot for mani/pedis in Ballston. Got an amazing pedi here today + paraffin + foot and calf massage. I didn't get a mani today but I'll definitely be back for one soon! It's not exactly close walking distance from the metro, but it's 'walkable' -- I drove and parked in the front lot.
Shaun M.
Arlington, VA
I've come here about 5 times now. Girlfriend gets a mani/pedi and I get a pedi. It's a very friendly place and a great deal! $25 for a pedicure and they do the crazy paraffin wax thing for your feet (apparently that normally costs extra!).

We're local, so this is a great place for some afternoon relaxation. Recommended!
Sara F.
Arlington, VA
I have yet again received the best manicure and pedicure ever. All of the ladies are extremely skilled and wonderful. I continuously get ingrown toenails and they always take such care and are so diligent when it comes down to it. They always include paraffin with both services which I love. Been coming here since I moved to Arlington and will continue to. Thank goodness for good nail salons. Worth every penny.
Vivian R.
Arlington, VA
I had a good first experience here, staff is friendly and the lady who did my pedicure and full set manicure was helpful when I was looking for a certain color. Most def coming back! Prices are reasonable too
Tiffany N.
Burke, VA
Great Gel their place is so cheap there staff is so friendly their native language seems really cool
Meg T.
Arlington, VA
I've been here 3 or 4 times and I've been pleased each and every visit!

It's one of the best values in the area. Spa mani pedi for 48?! Not bad at all.My nails have always looked very neat and pretty. I've never gotten acrylic nails or a gel manicure, so I can't speak to that.

I also like that there typically isn't a wait and an appointment isn't necessary.

One yelper said she feels they're speaking about her in their native language. I think this is a ridiculous accusation, and an unfair one considering she can't even understand what they're saying. I'd like to think they have better things to talk about than my calloused feet.

I've always been treated fairly and kindly here.
Jen V.
Washington, DC
I love this place. Around Xmas time I was looking up nail art designs online and decided I want kickass nails! I just walked in to this location wanting to get some type of "theme" to my nails. Before walking in I was a nail noob. Never getting any type of acrylic nails done. Still being a bit nervous I checked it out since my boyfriend lives down the street. I usually get my nails done by Nancy and Tom who work very diligent and steady with my random requests. :) I usually show them a picture off my phone for potential ideas or actual screenshots of comic book characters (I lately have been going to Marvel universe characters). Sometimes I go in to eventually get the acrylic nails removed and to do a basic manicure afterwards which have always been great. Also for pedicures I LOVE That massage chair. I don't think the pricing is bad either. I usually pay $45 for full set with my nerdy design request. I know walk ins are welcomed but I almost always make in a appointment since i'm a bit picky on who does my nails.

Also I have brought my sister to this location and she enjoys Hollywood nails and spa services.
Navia G.
Richmond, VA
Got a very expensive, but very worth it pedicure here last week. First time visit.

Shop is modern, clean, and fully staffed on the Saturday I walked in. I came in with a friend and they sat us both next to each other, and while she received help right away I had to wait no less than 15 min for my pedicure to begin :( That wasn't a great start, but the chair was comfy and gives hi-tech massages, and my water was warm.

They have Essie nail polish, along with the standard OPI! I thought that was pretty cool.

My regular pedicure included a dip in paraffin wax, which I was not expecting. Nice touch. Whatever top coat they are using works wonders because my toenails are still just as shiny today as they were when I left. Love that. Staff was very pleasant. I am very happy with my expertly applied toenail polish, and my smooth feet. Definitely one of the best pedis ever.

I don't live in this area, so I may not be back anytime soon, but I highly recommend it to anyone looking.
Cynthia C.
Arlington, VA
I've been coming here to get my nails done for about 3 years, and I'm very pleased with their service. The ladies (and a few gentlemen) doing nails here have always done a great job on my nails, and I've never felt rushed through a mani/pedi. To me this is a big bonus! It's a splurge (although not too costly here) to get my nails done by someone else, and I absolutely appreciate feeling pampered while I'm in the shop. You might laugh at this, but I've even grown to enjoy the goofy Muzak they play here on the sound system! Silly and relaxing....AND I walk out of the shop with beautiful looking nails and smooth silky skin. Oh, and I definitely recommend going with a gel manicure. Yes, it's more expensive upfront, but your polish will last 2+ weeks. If you think of it that way you're getting a pretty good deal considering a regular polish job done anywhere will likely chip in less than a week.
Brianna F.
Hyattsville, MD
First time here and I will be coming back. $28 for a pedicure that comes with parrafin. They spend time manicuring and massaging. Great paint job as well. There is also no shortage of polish selection which can be hard to come by.
Colleen B.
Alexandria, VA
$35 for a wonderful, well done Mani/pedi. They massage your leg and feet and give you a paraffin treatment and hot towel in this price. This is my 2nd time here and both experiences have been super! I used to go to Ivy, which is $45 for mani/pedi. At ivy, they offer you drinks and the environment is very clean and sanitary. Here it maybe doesn't seem as clean (do they just reuse the wax from peoples feet and hands over and over? Is it ok bc it is heated so high?) and felt a little hot this time. Could be because it's 104 outside though, in all fairness. I wish they played music here instead of tv. Great job with the mani/pedi, though!
Melissa H.
Washington, DC
Hollywood Nails has been my go-to salon for pedicures, manicures, and eyebrow waxing for 2.5 years since I moved to Arlington. The salon is located on Wilson Boulevard near George Mason Drive - there is parking in the lot our front and on the side with some parking in the rear as well. Since it's in a strip mall, parking can get full at times, so if that occurs, just park at the Safeway in the spots closest to the salon. I have done this a number of times and my car has always been there when I returned.

I have never had a problem walking in even on busy days (prom, NYE, etc) and have never waited more than 5 minutes. There are two rooms for waxing. Every time I get my brows done they look amazing and I I am in and out in 10 minutes or less. There are probably somewhere between 15-20 pedicure stations with great massaging chairs. The pedicure stations were upgraded in the past year and I can really tell the difference. There are also around 10-12 manicure stations.

Hollywood Nails has a great selection of OPI and ESSIE nail polishes (I prefer OPI), service is quick and friendly (some attendants English is better than others, but I have not had a problem communicating with whoever helps me), and I always leave incredibly happy with the services I have done. I typically get the basic pedicure which includes paraffin wax and leg massage - this is $28 (it used to be $25 but they raised their prices within the past year a few dollars). A basic pedicure and waxing runs me $44 without tip.

Note: Bring cash with you for tip. They do not allow you to tip on your credit/debit card.
Melissa G.
Alexandria, VA
I don't usually read reviews before I visit a place because I don't want to be guilty of any sort of wit plagiarism when I write my own review. In this case I was curious because of allegations of filth and health concerns regarding the sterilization of equipment.

So I must say I was relieved to see my manicurist pull her tools out of a sealed bag. Whew! Her English skills were definitely lacking, but she made up for it with her thoroughness and enthusiasm. She paid very close attention to trimming my cuticles and painted all the way down to them. I did end up getting a paraffin wax which I think was an extra $5 when something got lost in translation.... And she also convinced me that I needed my eyebrows waxed. Ok, fine. :-)

When I walked in at around 5:15pm, it was not very busy. I observed some of the manicurists practicing, which was interesting. The others were standing near the front talking and taking clients as they walked in. When I left around 6:30, it was much busier.

Be aware they may try to up-sell you while you are getting service. Also, tips are cash only.
Jackie R.
Arlington, VA
I just got a pedicure there and they did great. my only complain would be the rush but I did go an hour before closing. but they were all just looking at me and it was kind of messy but my toes look fabulous
Devon M.
Falls Church, VA
My favorite salon in Northern Virginia. Nancy is wonderful and always takes her time to ensure her customers are happy. Highly recommend!
Jersey V.
Arlington, VA
It's now been over a year since my last review and I still love coming here. The prices are going up, but are still totally reasonable. Highly recommend.
Whitney C.
Arlington, VA
I have been a big fan of Hollywood Nails for a while- and this review is long overdue. They are always friendly and always do a consistently great job. Whether you are going in for a simple manicure or a spa pedicure- they take time with you and you leave feeling like your money was well spent on nails that will last a while. They use new equipment for every client, and the whole place is very clean and well maintained.

Also- if you are looking for a place to get your eyebrows done- you MUST go to Nancy. She does a fantastic job, and for only $10! Cannot beat that price!

I have recommended Hollywood Nails to my friends and will continue to do so. $38 for a mani/pedi is hard to find in Arlington, and you certainly cannot beat the service here!
Allison V.
San Francisco, CA
Love, love, love this place. I went on a Sunday afternoon for a mani/pedi. The place was pretty busy, but there were tons of chairs and trashy magazines. Clean, professional and great selection of colors. $35 got me the longest lasting mani/pedi I've ever had. Seriously, manicure lasted over a week. And pedicure around 3 weeks. And it included paraffin wax!

I was sort of disgusted by the number of people eating McDonald's while getting their toes done, but to each her own.
Allison V.
San Francisco, CA
Love, love, love this place. I went on a Sunday afternoon for a mani/pedi. The place was pretty busy, but there were tons of chairs and trashy magazines. Clean, professional and great selection of colors. $35 got me the longest lasting mani/pedi I've ever had. Seriously, manicure lasted over a week. And pedicure around 3 weeks. And it included paraffin wax!

I was sort of disgusted by the number of people eating McDonald's while getting their toes done, but to each her own.
Samantha W.
Arlington, VA
I'm not a big fan of manicures, since I seem incapable of maintaining it and let the paint chip off til it's gone, but my BFF was getting married on Saturday so I thought I'd look nice for her sake. I went here with a friend who's a regular and was pleased with my experience. We went at 6 pm on Friday and while the place was pretty busy, I was taken right away for my manicure. They had plenty of technicians giving pedicures and still had staff leftover.

There was a large selection of essie and OPI nail polishes. The parafin wax was new to me so I watched with amazement as she peeled it off. No nipped cuticles to complain of. She did a good job of filing any rough edges (major pet peeve of mine).

For $12, you can't beat it.
Nina S.
Washington, DC
Mani/Pedi: $35 (tax included) + tip. OPI polish. It's right off Glebe Road, so it's easy to drive from DC (on the weekends). My nails alway look great when I leave and don't chip.

Also - they are very careful to make sure that you and your companion start/finish at the same time. I like that too!
Amy B.
Arlington, VA
Can't beat the prices! $35 you get parafin mani-pedi. It's very clean and the people are nice. You don't feel rushed out. I tend to ask for Hannah and Julie but you can get just about anyone.
Karin M.
Alexandria, VA
Out of all the nail salons in the area, this one is by far the best. Who can say no to a hot parrafin wax treatment on your hands and tootsies? (And you get that with just a standard/basic manicure or pedicure.)
Ardiana S.
Arlington, VA
I like this place! I keep going there because of Hannah! She consistently does a meticulous job, always takes her tools from a sealed bag, never rushing and her manicure, for me typically lasts one whole week. My pedicure lasts till the next visit.

Hannah is very gentle, and very effective. I always call ahead to make appointment with her before i go, to make sure it's Hannah and nobody else. Before I discovered Hannah, there were two or three other ladies which i can't racall their names but they were really good too.
I wasn't at all satisfied with Cristie who cut my finger and the blood kept coming out even when i went home and I had to take care of my finger myself. Thank God I didn't have any infection after that. Christie said to me the sanme thing i read in one of the reviews - you have very thin skin.

I also wasn't satisfied with one of the guys that gave me a many-pedi when i just walked in without having an appointment. Boy wasn't he "cutting to the chase" or what! He skipped a lot of the procedurre that the other do. his mani-pedi lasted, maybe less than two days, and i got bubbles on my nails right after i went home.

Again God Bless Hannah! I regret i don't remember the names of the other gals that did quite a wonderful job, but i know I am going there for Hannah.

I can't say enough wonderful words for Hannah! Hannah, keep it up girl, 'cause you are one of the employees bringing your company a lot of money!

Thank you Hannah!
Elizabeth S.
Annandale, VA
I've been going here for years. I always just take who they give me on walk-in and only rarely have been disappointed (I go once a week for manicure and get a pedicure every 2-3 weeks). Prices are very competitive (cheapest I've seen in Arlington) and the always-sterilized tools and hot wax are great. Give them a try!
Stephanie B.
Seattle, WA
Great mani/pedi place. I go here when I am in Arlington for the quality service, clean venue and fair prices. Highly recommended!
Mesa M.
Ossining, NY
I brought my 6 yr old daughter in for a pedi and they treated her so well. They even gave her little flowers on her toes. We walked in and they seated us right away. We will definitely return!
Megan D.
Arlington, VA
This was my go-to nail place because I lived within walking discyance. Now that I have moved (and tried several other nail places close to my new place) I am still going back to Hollywood. $25 for a pedi -- they do a good job and they have SO many pedi chairs that I have never waited long. In my experience EVERY nail place tries to upsell you on a "spa" pedi or other added services. I always politely decline and have never felt bothered/pressured by it. Everyone there is also pleasant/happy/smiling....I don't get that at a lot of nail places. The other bonus is you can start your own tool box there -- they will assign you a number so you ahve the same set of tools used every time you go back. I started mine a long time ago and it was free of charge then, not sure if it still is.
Melanie S.
Manassas, VA
I was pleased to find my old technician at this locale. Turns out she and her husband opened the shop. I find it very clean and all the techs adequate to above average. I will use anyone for a pedi, however, I prefer Tom to do my nails as he can do wicked pink/white.

I've been a faithful customer for about 4 years now and will continue to be so.

Tip in cash
R B.
Washington, DC
Stopped by after work today and this is the best mani/pedi I've had in the DC area in a long time (especially given the price)!

**$35 for mani/pedi including paraffin wax with mini massage
**Good choice of OPI colors
**Very clean (even the bathroom)
**Good selection of up to date gossip/fashion magazines (what else are you supposed to do while getting your nails done)
**Not crowded, staff did a diligent job and was not in a hurry like other places where they make you feel like meat in a factory (but I went on a Monday at 3pm so I don't know what the service would be like on the weekends)

** I live in DC and it's in VA but I will definitely be going back
Lauren B.
Sacramento, CA
By far the best Mani/pedi I've had in a long time. They are great! The salon is kept clean and they always do a thorough job. My nails last for weeks when I get them done here. Great selection of OPI polishes. Definitely worth getting out of the city!
Kelly K.
Honolulu, HI
Great location, free ample parking. The staff are friendly and speak English well. All pluses in my book.
Amy G.
Abingdon, MD
I went to Hollywood Nails on Friday with two friends. I had a pedicure. The salon is very clean and the staff is friendly. We arrived a little later (7:30ish and they close at 8), but the staff did our pedicures without complaint. They always seem to have a nice selection of colors. The pedicure stations were clean and they used clean, sterilized tools. The regular manicures and pedicures include the hot wax - delightful! The first time I went to the salon was in January. I had the spa pedicure then. The main differences are a sugar scrub for your legs and feet and a longer massage. I would definitely recommend it.
Shevonne P.
Fairfax, VA
This is the best nails salon that I have been to. They use the wax for both the feet and the hands, and they also massage your entire legs with this amazing hot oil treatment. On top of that, they also have these massage chairs that feel like the real thing. Definitely check it out.
Crystal G.
Herndon, VA
The best spa pedicure out of four places in Arlington I've been to. This spa pedicure includes a nice massage and paraffin dip. Nice attention to detail on the painting. Decent pricing too.
Paula Y.
Arlington, VA
Pedicures are great. Hit or miss with some of the technicians. Sometimes language barrier is tough to overcome. Always there is upselling of other services but have never found it over aggressive. Am sticking to pedicures because gel manicure damaged my nails when I had to return to literally have it scraped off. Never had any of the cleanliness issues mentioned as tools came out of sealed bags and facility was clean. For the price would recommend. Not a fancy spa experience but certainly adequate.
J. C.
Washington, DC
Incredible prices!! You definitely got a lot for your money there. I did the $45 spa pedicure and got a 25 min leg massage, mud masque, and parafin wax on my feet. It was great and the staff were super nice!
Jacq J.
Arlington, VA
Had one of the best mani/pedis of my entire life here! Everyone was extremely friendly and definitely have a commitment to customer service. When my water bottle was empty, they gave me another cold bottled water. There are 12 pedi massage chairs, so you can bring friends. They took the time to be thorough, even though it went a bit past their closing time. Most other places make me feel like they are just trying to get me out of there - not at Hollywood! My cuticles have never looked better and the polish was applied flawlessly. Both the mani and pedi included hot towels, massage, and paraffin - for $35.00! It was a great deal, and at this price, I will be coming back on a regular basis.
Tianna A.
Arlington, VA
I went this morning to get a fill on my acrylic nails. I went at approximately 11am, and I was seen immediately. Nancy did my nails and she was thorough and did not rush, she even helped me pick out a polish! My nails look amazing! Great value for the work being done.
Stella B.
Austin, TX
I love this place! I've walked in without an appointment twice and they were able to take me right away. They really take their time with you, providing extra long massages. Paraffin is included with the regular manicure and pedicure which is a great bonus. My only complaint is that they try to push the "spa" pedicure on you, which is $10 more I think. I asked her not to but she went ahead and gave me one anyway. I'm not too upset though because the mud and salt scrub she used felt great and the pedicure lasted an hour which I thought was quite generous. Overall great job and this will be my go-to salon while I live in northern VA.
Andrea N.
Austin, TX
I went here because of the rave reviews on Yelp, and I was so glad that I did!!! I got the $35 spa pedicure, and it is really worth it! My pedicure lasted an hour--sea salt scrub, some kind of green mudlike substance that felt glorious, parrafin (sp??), and massage galore. Plus, this pedi has some major staying power. I swim several times a week and 3 weeks later the polish has not budged and still looks shiny to boot! Take me to Hollywood!!